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On here to defeat antichoice lies, one by one. Tirelessly fighting for women's right to make private, personal decisions regarding their lives and their bodies.

I never forget that antichoice laws are responsible for more than 40,000 women dying every year of illegal abortions. Prochoice really IS prolife.

Abortion Access in New Brunswick, Canada


On Thursday April 10, 2014, the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton, NB announced that after 20 years of providing no-referral-required abortions, they are forced to close their doors due to lack of funds.  Abortion is legal in Canada and covered by medicare, but the province of New Brunswick created a regulation in which they only provide funding for a termination if the patient has the support of TWO doctors agreeing the procedure is “medically necessary”.  Finding one pro-choice doctor is difficult enough, two is almost impossible, and so many people have been forced to pay out of pocket at the only clinic (and come from all over the province).  The clinic’s closure in July will leave those with a unwanted pregnancy with few options: get to Montreal and still have to pay because they’re a resident of another province (with all the added travel expenses), obtain a (possibly) unsafe/illegal abortion, or continue with the pregnancy.  

Over the past few days many activists from NB and beyond have come together to start a movement.  We are writing our elected officials, organizing demonstrations, collecting personal stories and spreading the word.  We want the government of NB to remove the ridiculous, archaic and insulting restrictions they have placed on citizens seeking abortions and fund ALL abortions, on demand, just like in every other province.  Any support is welcome!

And another major fail for Rand Paul.

And another major fail for Rand Paul.